Share information, news, weather and more in waiting rooms and lobbies

Waiting Room and Lobby Digital Signage

Digital signage is an excellent addition to your business’ waiting room or lobby.
Display appointments, information on services, local news, weather and more to provide your clients with the most pleasant visit possible.

Waiting Room Signage
information about services

Display information about services

Share information on services provided by your business, by type or by department.
Easily update signage automatically when your PowerPoint is updated.

relevant local information

Share Local News and More

Real-time connections to weather and news sources keep your clients updated with current information.
Connect your signage to your Social Media channels to share updates.

real-time queue information

Real Time Queue Information

Manage your waiting room queue, and display service information on multiple counters and service desks with DataPoint.
Connect a Bluetooth button for your queue management system.

promote products and events

Promote Products and Events

Easy to update software allows you to promote products and services.
Connect a calendar to a PowerPoint digital signage display and automatically display upcoming events and more.

Software Solutions

DataPoint Logo


DataPoint is a PowerPoint add-in that will bring your digital signage to life in your waiting rooms and lobbies.
Establish real-time data connections and share announcements, weather, queues and more.

Case Studies

Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

DataPoint has allowed the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to put up large monitors in every service providing Mental Health office to give information directly to the clients regarding services, resources and available aid.
The ease of using PowerPoint to create and display digital signage works well within the government’s security and firewall restrictions.

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report generating case study - Hewett Packard Enterprise

Benefits of Using a Digital Welcoming Screen

Digital Welcome Screens can be used in most businesses, including:
Hotels, Offices, Schools, Medical Offices, Banks, Gyms and more.

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