Create real-time data-driven presentations in PowerPoint

Live Data Presentations

Information changes quickly. By the time you make a presentation, the data you are sharing can change.
DataPoint pulls real-time information from your established databases for the most accurate presentations possible.

Solutions Live Data Presentations
real time data

Real-Time Data in Presentations

Feel confident sharing live data with your participants.
Real-time data from multiple sources is displayed in your presentation.

interactive presentations

Interactive Presentations

Presentations come alive with live data.
Once real-time connections are established, recurring presentations are easily generated by refreshing when your file is opened.

daily specials

Visual Content Engages Viewers

Present live data visually in real-time for higher viewer engagement and comprehension.

accurate business data

Accurate Business Data

Share real-time key performance indicators and business intelligence information in presentations.

Software Solutions

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DataPoint is a PowerPoint Add-in that allows you to do all of the above- create report templates and establish real-time connection to nearly ANY data source to populate your reports and distribute them in multiple formats.

Case Studies

bayside associates

Bayside Associates

Bayside Associates is a financial services company that specializes in Tax, Insurance and Estate Planning for Business Owners

Preparing presentations for customers used to take Kevin Galandy, President of Bayside Associates, 8-10 hours per presentation.
Using DataPoint, Kevin created presentation templates with real-time data connections to mortgage and insurance information for various companies. Using DataPoint, presentations with real-time data that is customer-specific are created in minutes.
Now, Kevin spends his time meeting clients instead of labouring over presentations.

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report generating case study - Hewett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Nicole at Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses DataPoint on a monthly basis to assist in the creation of a report that is published to internal stakeholders. The design of the presentation remains the same each month, however, the data needs updating each month.

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Dynamic Quotes in PowerPoint

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