PresentationPoint Applications

World-leading software for

• Managing Digital Signage

• Office Communication

• Data-driven Presentations

• User-friendly Dashboards

• Dynamic PowerPoint

Digital Signage Software

Screen with digital signage playlist

Digital signage is the way of the future. Traditional signs are expensive and can only display one message.

Digital signage costs less than traditional signs and the message can change as often as you want – even every few seconds!

Data Driven Presentations

Example of a data driven presentation

Information screens are everywhere. Airports, train stations, restaurants, factories, event centers, government and other facilities rely on information screens to communicate with their customers.

It is a massive task to keep all this information current.

PresentationPoint offers tools like DataPoint to easily automate updating of your information screens, ensuring all your information is current. PresentationPoint saves you time and money by automating this difficult task.

Reporting Presentations

Example of a reporting presentation

Imagine you are in front of a room of people ready to deliver your presentation. You open the presentation and realize with horror that the presentation is filled with old figures and data, making you look incompetent.

Never again.

With our software, you can automate your reporting presentations so that each time you open them, the latest information is automatically updated. No more getting caught with old data or frantically trying to update a presentation at the last minute.

Dynamic PowerPoint Templates

dynamic data driven powerpoint templates

Need great looking PowerPoint templates for digital signage, information screens or presentations?

We have a library of professionally designed templates for a range of purposes like digital signage, data-driven presentations, holidays, events and also for a wide range of industries like hotels, airports, restaurants, retail, schools and many more.

Why PresentationPoint?

For over 20 years, we have provided world-leading software for data-driven presentations and digital signage to businesses around the world.

Our clients include NASA, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Airbus, SpaceX, and the US Air Force as well as thousands of educational institutions, factories, retail stores, restaurants and small businesses.

Our Customers

customers using our software


Jason Brentlinger testimonial

“Awesome product by the way. All this time and no one else can even come close to what you’re doing over there.”

Jason Brentlinger

Production Manager, Bartha, USA

Savka Gajic testimonial

“At we recently used DataPoint to merge existing reporting data to create and distribute personalized reporting to +1100 of our managers.”

Savka Gajic

L&T Program Manager,, The Netherlands

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