Today we look at a real life case study how one of our customers uses our software to create a custom KPI dashboard. A KPI dashboard is where you use software to report your key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

HD Supply Holdings Inc. is one of the largest industrial distributors in North America. They operate multiple companies with 220 locations and have about 15,000 workers across the US. They distribute over 60,000 products.

In one of their manufacturing facilities, HD Supply team members used our software to create a manufacturing KPI dashboard so they could start monitoring their KPIs in real time.  

Here is a picture of the monitor showing the manufacturing KPI dashboard.

They found that their productivity went up 25% when they could get real-time data on what was happening on the manufacturing floor because they could identify and deal with problems faster.

They had visitors from another branch of their company who had been trying for 2 YEARS to figure out this area without gaining any traction and they were blown away by how well it worked. Soon, they had requests from other parts of the company for more visitors, generating a “waterfall of ideas and uses” (direct quote). 

HD Supply also asked us for a new feature “Text to Speech.” They wanted the system to read aloud when an indicator went from green to red. We were able to implement the new text to speech feature within a couple of weeks. 

Here is what the initial team member responsible for setting up the KPI dashboard at HD Supply had to say about using our software.

Still DataPoint crushes the competition for ease of use and deployability.

We use Intel Compute Sticks connected to 55 inch screens in different modes and flavors… It’s AMAZING to see how creative we can get when creating new Digital Signage… and the DYNAMIC ability to do so much… Impresses all who see it… Funniest thing I hear from IT Pros… WAIT what?? That’s PowerPoint??” HOW??? I just laugh. Keep up the great work! Chris Carson

HD Supply

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