ccha logoAnother serious Belgian arts center, cultuurcentrum Hasselt, has chosen PresentationPoint software for the real-time data-driven information screens at their venue. They were using Xibo as free digital signage platform, displaying an HTML page reading out data from an XML file, to display the activities on television screens. After a comparison with other vendors, they have correctly chosen for PresentationPoint because of our rich features and easy usability. 

Kurt Stevens, IT manager of Cultuurcentrum Hasselt explains: “We wanted to display information of the current event in combination with promotion for related events on other dates, at our entrances. PowerPoint is much easier to quickly change layouts. On top of that, PresentationPoint’s DataPoint add-on allows you to easily connect to data sources, while a web page has to be completely developed and designed.”

Cultuurcentrum Hasselt is now using our DataPoint and iPoint technology on their current 8 screens.  But they plan to extend for more screens since they see the many advantages of our system.

On the real-time screens, they combine the data from TicketMatic , Peppered, and Yesplan.  Data from TicketMatic is showing information of online and offline tickets.  Peppered is a tool to manage a venue’s website and Yesplan delivers data about events in their arts center. 

There is a tight integration between the picture library of the website and the digital signage screens.  They will always use the same identical image for a better recognition.

Kurt Stevens concludes: “PresentationPoint holds a unique position in the digital signage software world.  Their presentation tools are perfect for what we need and with this software, we took a giant leap forward compared to other arts centers.”

This IT manager even wants to go further and make use of the iPoint direct commands (triggers) to link their fire detection system to the digital signage screens for a controlled evacuation when needed.  They will also utilize small displays to show who is currently present in the lodges. And the same technology in the artist foyer to inform groups about their show and planning: WIFI code to connect to the internet, the time schedule for the preparations, code of the backstage door and more.

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