Presentation Ideas Online Conference

November 20-21, 2019

Learn from some of the world’s top PowerPoint ™  instructors and presentation creators in this FREE two day online conference – #presentationideas2019

About Presentation Ideas Conference

Presentations skills are critical to your success in today’s world.  You might use presentations to

  • pitch for venture capital
  • train your team
  • report to management
  • generate sales from clients
  • inspire a large audience
  • support a cause

In our Presentation Ideas Online Conference, accomplished presentation creators and trainers will show you how to make your presentation truly exceptional.

Speaker Lineup

Here is our confirmed speaker line-up so far for our online conference on Nov 20-21, 2019.

  • Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence with PowerPoint in Office 365 – Chantal Bossé
  • 7 Ways To Create Highly Versatile Non-Linear Presentations – Justin Arnold
  • Working with Shapes in PowerPoint – Geetesh Bajaj
  • Generating Reports Using PowerPoint – Kurt Dupont
  • Mind-blowing PowerPoint. No, Really! – Richard Goring
  • Be Memorable and Close More Sales with Story – Vickie Gould
  • Creating KPI Dashboards in PowerPoint – Garland Coulson

Exact dates and times for each speaker will be announced closer to the dates.

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Richard Goring

Geetesh Bajaj

Kurt Dupont

Vickie Gould

Justin Arnold

Garland Coulson

Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence with PowerPoint O365

Few people realize that AI is also a part of their PowerPoint O365 tool. In this session we will see 3 features based on Microsoft’s Intelligent Services:

  1.  Design Ideas, to help you lay out images, bullets and timelines.
  2.  Translator, the translation tool that helps you translate text strings or whole presentations.
  3.  Live Captions, the feature that helps you create more accessible content for the visually impaired or make your content available in a second language “live”.

About Chantal Bossé

Chantal Bossé spent her childhood terrified by the word presentation. Needless to say, she was horrified to learn that, as a biochemistry student, she would have to prepare and deliver a seminar to get her diploma – Yikes! Little did she know that would eventually become her process to help people with their public speaking and presentations. Through her unusual career path – from biochemist to creating CHABOS in 2004 to share her passion for visual communications – she understood how communications were important at all levels of our lives. As a presentation & visual communication leader, TEDx speaker coach and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, she helps public speakers and business people master a 5-step impactful presentations system to become impactful and sought-after presenters and leaders. She also hosts the Trilingual Podcaster where she her guests share stories and tips to encourage people to embrace public speaking and up their game while taking the stage and with their visual tools. From story to message, design to delivery, and equipment & event coordination, CHABOS helps its clients achieve success and transformation with their audience.




Twitter: @CHABOS

Be Memorable and Close More Sales with Story

What’s the use of great teaching points if your audience never remembers it or buys what you’re selling? Be the presentation that everyone remembers and talks about, plus close more sales!

Attendees will walk away with the tools to use storytelling in their presentation so that their audience stays engaged. They’ll learn the S.T.A.G.E. method of presenting story in person or online. They will also learn how to transition from storytelling easily into their offer so that it is the logical next step and feels good instead of sleezy and awkward.

About Vickie Gould

Vickie Gould is a book coach and content marketing strategist. Using her signature holistic strategy and her storytelling superpowers, she helps her clients write best selling books that share their stories impactfully, grow their reach worldwide and turn readers into clients while they sleep.

Vickie is the author of 10 international best-selling books like Easy Writer and Standing in the Gap, and has also helped nearly 100 others become worldwide best-selling authors. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Tedx UofM, HuffPost, Thrive Global, YFS Magazine, and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. She has also been on numerous podcasts and previously published an online magazine.

Vickie lives in Michigan with her husband and three children, loves to karaoke, dance and cook.

7 Ways To Create Highly Versatile Non Linear Presentations

So you learned PowerPoint so well you could do it backwards? Well why does every presentation start at the beginning and slog inexorably forwards one slide at a time towards the end?

In this webinar you’ll discover how to create presentations which are highly versatile, able to be adapted on the fly in response to your audience’s needs. By creating presentations which give you full control over the way your information is packaged and delivered you’ll be able to ensure that every presentation is slick, relevant, targeted and professional. Create presentations that work more like social media feeds, adapted to the needs and interests of your audience, rather than grey handbooks meant for slogging through in a tired old way. Linear presentations are so 20th century. Learn how to present, rather than show, how to deliver rather than tell.

About Justin Arnold

Justin Arnold is an IT & Computer Science teacher with 25 years’ classroom teaching experience, as well as many years’ experience delivering training to teachers in schools and trainee teachers, including making more effective use of technology for learning. For the past 11 years he has been delivering training tutorials through YouTube, with his channel having over 26,700 subscribers and 150,000 monthly views. He is both a Google Certified Educator (Level 2) and a Microsoft Certified Educator.

Mind-blowing PowerPoint. No, Really!

Why are most presentations so bad? Truly terrible? They’re too wordy, text-based, and generally dull. They don’t tell stories that engage, excite, or inspire. And they generally do little to actually help people learn. They are linear and non-responsive, with no interaction. Pretty much everything you know doesn’t work to convey information effectively. Few people enjoy creating, delivering, or watching PowerPoint presentations, so let’s change that.

This session is packed full of techniques to create mind-blowing presentations. Want to know how to create visual slides? Manipulate images? Master animations? Make it interactive? And produce presentations that will astound your audience? Then come along for a masterclass in ways to capture your audience’s attention and help them learn.

This is a highly practical session in which we’ll work together on creating half a dozen amazing slides that work effectively, and look at how to use those skills on many other slides when you’re developing your own presentations. And, because it’s all live in a single session, you can see just how quick it is to create compelling visual presentation content – so there’s no excuse for bullet point slides! So don your thinking caps, get ready to critique some dreadful ‘before’ slides and take part in transforming them into truly mind-blowing presentations that will energize your audience and make your next training course the best ever.

About Richard Goring

Richard is a Director at BrightCarbon, the specialist presentation and eLearning agency. He has helped to write and create thousands of presentations, and coached hundreds of teams to present more effectively using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences that explain and reinforce the key points, which is supported by plenty of resources and tips at

Working with Shapes in PowerPoint

Geetesh Bajaj looks at why shapes are the building blocks in PowerPoint. Shapes are everywhere, and there are many ways in which you can insert them, duplicate them, resize and rotate them, and even reuse them. But even better, did you know that what applies to shapes is valid for almost any other slide object in PowerPoint. Thus, you can use what you learn to create better presentations, faster!

Here are some ideas that you will learn about:

  1. Inserting shapes
  2. Duplicating shapes
  3. Resizing shapes
  4. Rotating shapes
  5. Sticky shapes
  6. Shapes with diamonds
  7. Changing shapes

About Geetesh Bajaj

Geetesh Bajaj is an awarded Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for over 18 years now, and has been designing and training with PowerPoint for many more years. He heads Indezine, a presentation design studio and content development organization based out of Hyderabad, India.

Geetesh believes that any PowerPoint presentation is a sum of its elements. These elements include abstract elements like story, consistency, interactivity — and also slide elements like shapes, graphics, charts, text, sound, video, and animation. He explains how these elements work together in his training sessions. He has authored six books on PowerPoint and Microsoft Office.
His site attracts millions of page views each month. In addition, Geetesh also issues a twice-weekly PowerPoint and presenting newsletter.

Generating Reports Using PowerPoint

When you think of business reports, you probably think of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word, not PowerPoint. If so, you are missing a great opportunity!

In this presentation, Kurt will show you how to use the high visual impact and graphic power of PowerPoint coupled with a specialized data tool to create real-time automated snapshot business presentations that can include visuals, data, video, animations, interactivity, mail merging and more.

About Kurt Dupont

Kurt is the founder of PresentationPoint, a company that provides world leading software for data-driven presentations, digital signage and live, real-time dashboards.

20 years after its beginning, PresentationPoint has more than 10,000 customers worldwide, including some of the most well-known companies in the world such as NASA, SpaceX, IBM, Coca-Cola, eBay, Boeing, Siemens, and many others.

Kurt continues to innovate and add new features to his products and to increase his product line. He loves to hear how his clients use his software and adds new features based on client feedback.

Creating KPI Dashboards in PowerPoint

You use dashboards every day you drive your car. Your car dashboard monitors speed, fuel, engine temperature and other key performace indicators (KPIs). Pilots use much more in-depth dashboards to fly complex air craft.

But what about your business? Or your factory floor or manufacturing facility? What if you could have a dashboard to show how your business was running or how your manufacturing was proceeding? This is easy to do with PowerPoint.

In this presentation, Garland will show you how to create your own KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard in PowerPoint to monitor your KPIs in real-time.

About Garland Coulson

Garland is a well-known speaker and author on time management and productivity. For over 20 years, he has helped people double or triple their productivity.

Garland is the Marketing Director of PresentationPoint, a leading company in data-driven presentations and digital signage. Garland and also manages PresentationPoint’s affiliate and reseller programs.

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