Retail & Services

Whether you run a clothing store, bookshop, garden centre, furniture store, or provide health and wellness services, PresentationPoint has a product for you.
Understand your sales figures with real-time data reports.
Create reporting and presentation templates to streamline preparation.
Bring your signage to life- try iPoint and SignageTube for digital signage today.

Dynamic Digital Signage

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Multimedia Digital Signage

Create playlists with your multimedia files like presentations and videos.
Choose different playlists for different locations so you can make your signage and advertising hyper-local.

Remote Signage Management

Broadcast your message to remote screens to push your brand & messages.
Enjoy real-time monitoring of what is showing on any screen in your digital signage network, and alerts when any signage is down.

Live-Data Reporting and Presentations

Accurate Reporting

Streamline daily, weekly and monthly sales reporting.
Ensure you are presenting accurate data.


Create reporting templates and connect them to your sales databases to automatically update reports.

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Featured Industries

Furniture Stores

Track KPIs including sales per square foot and sales per employee.
Display promotions.

Clothing Stores

Easily generate daily, weekly and monthly sales reports to better understand customer behaviour.
Highlight current sales.

Grocery Stores

Gain better insight on sales trends including average transaction value, stock turn and more.
Display advertisements.

Garden Centres

Track conversion rate, inventory levels, and more in easy to populate visual reports.
Display weather, garden tips, and more.

Seasonal Shops

Create easy to populate reports for tracking yearly sales trends.
Share decoration ideas, calendar countdowns, and more.


Better understand your pharmacy’s sales activities including total prescriptions, average prescriptions per day, sales by supplier and more.

Enjoy Digital Signage Today

Whether you’re looking for an onsite digital signage solution with iPoint or a digital signage solution in the cloud with SignageTube, you can start your free trial today.

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Start using DataPoint today to better understand your company’s sales KPIs.
Enjoy a risk-free 15-day trial of DataPoint and explore all the features on your own.


Read more in our articles and case studies about how retail customers use DataPoint, iPoint and SignageTube for sales reporting, presentations, Digital Signage and more.

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Grocery Store Advertising Screens: Presentation Makeover

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Covid-19 People Counter Screen for Shops and Public Spaces

Covid-19 People Counter Screen for Shops and Public Spaces

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How to Set Up Multiscreen Digital Signage

How to Set Up Multiscreen Digital Signage

What is Multiscreen Digital Signage? Multiscreen digital signage is where you have your messages shown on more than one screen in your facility. This lets you ensure that your messages and information can be seen throughout your facility so that you can keep all your...

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