attractions and events

Attractions and Special Events

Whether you run a museum, art gallery, amusement park, theatre, cinema, local attraction, or host sporting events, music concerts, or conferences, PresentationPoint has a program for you.
With DataPoint, you can show real-time event calendars, news, weather, advertising, announcements, hours of service, and more.
With iPoint, control multiple screen displays from one central location.
With CounterPoint, you can manage your customer queues.

Events Calendar

Use DataPoint to share real-time event calendars, schedules, and more.
Create central displays, or individualized displays beside auditoriums, stages, theatres and more.

Wayfinding Signs

Display informational signs for wayfinding in your facilities.
Highlight emergency routes, auditoriums, restrooms and more.

Ticket Availability

Establish data connections to display live ticket availability information for events.

kart circuit event with displays

Remote Display Management

Create playlists of videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, audio or music. Choose different playlists for different locations so you can make your signage and advertising hyper-local..

accurate business data
accurate business data

Queue Display

Mange waiting queues by connecting a Bluetooth button to your live PowerPoint Presentations to show which customers are being served.
You can display your company name and logo, opening hours, adverts, promotions, announcements etc. People take a number when they come in, and will be entertained by a nice presentation or infotainment system.

Featured Industries

Museums + Art Galleries

Share daily event schedules, admission prices, upcoming attractions.

Theatres + Cinemas

Display programming information outside theatres.
Link concession price database to displays.

Amusement Parks

Share live queue and wait time information.
Display wayfinding signs.

Bowling Alleys

Create digital advertisements. Share fun graphics and displays with guests.


Create live scoreboards, advertisements, queue systems, concession boards.


Display live event schedule, advertisements, site maps, promotions and more.

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attractions and events


Read more in our articles and case studies about how customers use DataPoint, iPoint and CounterPoint to enhance digital signage, display event schedules, share advertisements and more!

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