Look around and you will see information screens everywhere. Most of those screens are dynamic and time based. So, you need to enter this information somewhere in an application. Use your existing Outlook application to maintain your visitors, or create specific tasks for entries on your television screen.

Why learn a new application? Just use Microsoft Outlook as your Content Management System for your digital signage screens. And use DataPoint to display this information in real-time on your screens.

PresentationPoint Applications
Why OutlookPoint?

Easy Data Entry

Use your Microsoft Outlook client to maintain the information on your screens.

No Development

There is no need to develop an extra application to perform your data entry for your displays.

Outlook Folders

Indicate what folders of your Outlook mailbox are synchronized to your OutlookPoint database. Use DataPoint or iPoint functionality to display this information in your presentations.


Use mail messages for normal content.


Calendar items are used for appointments or timed messages.


Tasks with a status, start and due date.


Contacts for personnel and visitor information.


Notes for simple text message unlimited in time.
Software Requirements

Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016

Why PresentationPoint?

Our mission is to create the most user-friendly software for digital signage.

We have over 20 years of experience making the best real-time, data-driven display presentations for businesses all over the world, including NASA, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Boeing, U.S. Air Force, and many more.

Our Customers
customers using our software
Jason Brentlinger testimonial
“Awesome product by the way. All this time and no one else can even come close to what you’re doing over there.”
Jason Brentlinger
Production Manager, Bartha, USA
Savka Gajic testimonial
“At Booking.com we recently used DataPoint to merge existing reporting data to create and distribute personalized reporting to +1100 of our managers.”
Savka Gajic
L&T Program Manager, Booking.com, The Netherlands
Get OutlookPoint

Content Management System via Outlook.

Use existing application to enter information for your screens.

No need to learn a new CMS application.

Simply use your Outlook Calendar to schedule and welcome visitors.

Or send an e-mail to feed your screens.

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