Show real-time news, weather, stock quotes, etc. on any monitor or TV

Benefit From
Our News Obsession

People are obsessed with getting the latest news.

By showing a live news feed in your business or facility, you gather people’s attention which you can then direct to
other information or advertising you want to share.

Why NewsPoint?

News Collection

Automatically collects news from multiple data sources at intervals you choose


Live Stock Quotes

Show live stock quotes


When you update your presentation, the new file is distributed out to the rest of the network and the message is updated

Local Storage

News, RSS feeds and weather forecasts are stored in a local database or on your hard drive


Works with Windows and PowerPoint

Our Customers

Our software is used by some of the world’s leading companies, including Boeing, NASA, SpaceX, Coca-Cola and many others.
Here are just a few of our satisfied customers.

customers using our software

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