Dynamic Elements Suite

Connect PowerPoint to Social Media, News, Weather, Music, Pictures, Videos, Clocks, Timers, Calendars or create your own Video Wall

dynamic elements suite

Dynamic Elements

Dynamic Likes

Facebook Likes

Easy PowerPoint plugin to connect to your Facebook account and read out the number of likes of your page(s). Show this number in your shop on a television or computer screen. Display your social involvement and promote visitors and customers to like your page. Updates in real-time.

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Dynamic Music

Jukebox Slide show

Add a jukebox with your MP3 files to your presentation. Let your slide show run with your information and advertising, and play music at the same time. Music that fits your brand, your nature of your shop. Relaxed customers buy more products because they feel like at home.

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Dynamic News

RSS Headlines

Simple to use PowerPoint plugin to connect your slides to a newspaper via RSS technology. Always show the latest news on your slides. You can display news title, full text or description, category, and a nice featured image of every news article. Bring your screen to live with automatic news.

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Dynamic Pictures

PowerPoint Picture Carousel

Add a picture slideshow to your slides where you link a picture shape to a folder on your hard drive. You can specify how long a picture is displayed. The picture slideshow rotates all pictures of the selected folder(s) of your drive.

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Dynamic Time

Clock, Date, Counter, Countdown, Timer

Our best-seller plugin of Dynamic Elements bundle. Add a real-time clock to your slides. Or show the current date. Why not set a target date and show the progress or countdown on your television screen. Ideal to motivate and inform viewers. Or count the number of days, hours, minutes, seconds, since the last accident in your factory. Start the timer and let Dynamic Time do its work in real-time.

Dynamic Videos icon

Dynamic Videos

PowerPoint Video Carousel

Just like our Dynamic Pictures plugin, but here for videos. Add a video shape to your slide, connect it to a folder of your hard drive, and show all videos after eachother. Ideal for advertising.

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Dynamic Wall

PowerPoint Wall

Use this plugin to show one single PowerPoint presentation on a chained video wall of television screens. PowerPoint by default shows on one screen only. Can you imagine a video wall of 3 or 4 horizontal screens as one big long television screen where animations flow from one screen to another. Or a bigger video wall of 3 by 3 television screens.

dynamic weather icon

Dynamic Weather

Weather in PowerPoint

Next to Dynamic Time, a bestseller plugin here too but now for weather information. Add real-time weather information of any location to your slides. Current temperature, wind speed, pressure, minimum and maximum temperatures, and weather forecasts for the next days. Multiple weather icon sets are included.

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