countdown to New Year 2021


Countdown to New Year 2021 with your
customers and our NY21 Countdown
Plugin and Templates for PowerPoint.

75 Slides are included in our template.

Add your own promotions and advertising to the slides for more sales.

New Years 2021 Is a Big Deal!

With the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we’ll all be happy to see 2020 out and welcome 2021 with its hope for a better year.

Your visitors will be excited to see the New Year and you can add to their excitement by showing your own New Years’ 2021 countdown timer along with your New Years’ specials and messages.

NY21 Countdown is a countdown plugin for PowerPoint (Windows version) that lets you create excitement around the upcoming New Year. People love countdown clocks and our NY 21 Countdown plugin gives you 50 New Year countdown PowerPoint slide templates + 25 Happy New Year templates.

Great for digital signage, retail stores, offices, universities, schools, and public venues. You can add your own branding, advertising, or other messaging to the slide templates.

This plugin will work with Windows operating systems running PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365.


new years 2021 powerpoint template

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Download your NY21 Countdown Plugin now along with 50 PowerPoint countdown template slides and 25 New Years’ 2021 template slides. Only $9.

countdown new year 2021

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