Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or Office 365 (Desktop Applications).


Dynamic MUSIC Software

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Control background music and audio in any facility.

Don’t let a random staff member choose your music and drive your customers away! Studies have shown that the background music in your retail stores greatly affects traffic flow and shopping behavior. In an office/work environment, the right music has been found to improve productivity, while some music blocks it.

Dynamic Music gives you FULL control over the background music in your facility. No radio stations that play ads from your competitor.

So invest in a system where you can play your music or MP3 audio files. Set up advertising-free playlists, with a music genre that fits your shop’s branding and your audience. Next time that you hear advertising at your shop, it will be your own advertising or none.

Design your advertising in PowerPoint. Use multiple slides with automatic transitioning to the next slide. And hear your repeating audio playlist of music suited to your shop or office in the background. Take your competitor out of your shop!

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