Have a look at the software solutions that we offer. Most of our products are add-ons for Microsoft PowerPoint, to add more or missing functionality for your audience.

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  • Sale! dynamic elements software bundle

    Dynamic ELEMENTS Software Bundle


    Buy all our great Dynamic Elements plugins for PowerPoint as one package and save 65% on the bundle over buying them individually! Get 8 great Dynamic Elements plugins for your digital signage or information screens to connect PowerPoint to Social Media, News, Weather, Music, Pictures, Clocks, Timers, Calendars or create your own Video Wall

  • Sale! Dynamic likes icon

    Dynamic LIKES Software


    FaceBook Likes shows the real-time number of Facebook “Likes” from your Facebook page on your PowerPoint presentation or digital signage.

    Grow your business and get more reach with your advertising and product promotions. Invite people to become a member of your business-community so that they see your promotions more often when they visit Facebook. The more people that like your Facebook page, the more natural and free exposure you get at their friends.

    Motivate your shop visitors to like your business page by showing them that it exists: show the Facebook page name and show the number of existing likes in real-time on your screen. Every new like on your page is automatically updated on your television or computer screen.

    You can design all of this yourself in a normal PowerPoint presentation, or use slides from our professionally designed template that is included.

  • Sale! dynamic music icon

    Dynamic MUSIC Software


    Control background music and audio in any facility.

    Don’t let a random staff member choose your music and drive your customers away! Studies have shown that the background music in your retail stores greatly affects traffic flow and shopping behavior. In an office/work environment, the right music has been found to improve productivity, while some music blocks it.

    Dynamic Music gives you FULL control over the background music in your facility. No radio stations that play ads from your competitor.

    So invest in a system where you can play your music or MP3 audio files. Set up advertising-free playlists, with a music genre that fits your shop’s branding and your audience. Next time that you hear advertising at your shop, it will be your own advertising or none.

    Design your advertising in PowerPoint. Use multiple slides with automatic transitioning to the next slide. And hear your repeating audio playlist of music suited to your shop or office in the background. Take your competitor out of your shop!

  • Sale! icon dynamic news

    Dynamic NEWS Software


    Show live news updates on digital signage or any TV or monitor.

    People’s eyes are magnetically drawn to monitors and TVs that display breaking news live updates. We can’t help but look. We NEED to know what is happening.

    Using live news updates keeps people informed and draws their attention so they are more focused on the advertising and other information you also display on the screen.

    Use our Dynamic News plugin for PowerPoint and connect your slide show to the RSS feed of your favorite news channel. Display every news article for a number of seconds. Show a title, the featured image, and some more text from the news article.

    Now you have the attention of your shop visitors, and now you are sure that they are watching, and catching your product promotions at the same time.

    Get started immediately with the professional RSS feed template included in this product. The template is free to edit and use on your television screens.

  • dynamic pictures icon

    Dynamic PICTURES Software


    Create a dynamic picture slide show on any TV or monitor. Use this to show artwork, your portfolio, inspirational quotes, customer testimonials, advertising and more.

    Insert a normal PowerPoint picture shape on your slide. But not to show just one picture as PowerPoint does! We link this picture shape to a folder of your computer and display every picture that we find there, for a given number of seconds.

    No need to change the slides of your presentation. Leave that running and add more pictures to your folder and the new pictures are automatically added to the loop. This is easy to operate and a time saver for your advertising.

  • Sale! dynamic time icon

    Dynamic TIME Software


    Bring life to your presentations. Motivate people by adding timers and countdowns to your screens. At factories, we all see the ‘Number of days since the last accident’ to motivate workers to respect the safety instructions. At a shopping mall, we see screens with a countdown to the opening of a new shop. At our office, we countdown together with our colleagues to the launch of a new product.

    All of this can be done with Dynamic Time in PowerPoint. Use a normal text box shape on your slide and set the target date. Set the date of the last accident to the counter. Or set the opening data of our new hotel.

    Run the slide show and see the countdown or timer running and updating every second. Great to create suspense and curiosity!

    A professionally designed template with multiple countdown and timer slides is included in this package. With PowerPoint you can, of course, also design your own slides yourself and easily add our timers and countdowns to any slide.

  • Dynamic Videos

    Dynamic VIDEOS Software


    Buy a license of Dynamic Videos to continuously show flow of videos on top of your slide show. Reserve a zone on your slides where you don’t put normal PowerPoint shapes like text boxes and tables. Add a rectangle shape on the slide master and link it to your videos. When you run your slide show, the video(s) are shown on top of all slides, without interruption.

    As a video source, you can choose:

    • play one video file from your hard disk or network
    • play a video of an URL
    • select a folder and play all videos files of it

    Use this to show advertising, safety videos, customer testimonials, and more.

  • Dynamic WALL Software


    Native PowerPoint can only show a slide show on one screen. but what if you want to show your presentation across more one screen? What if you want to create digital menus on a bank of monitors or an entire video wall?

    Our Dynamic Wall PowerPoint Plugin lets you build video walls using PowerPoint. The plugin lets you control what shows on each monitor. Each monitor can show different content, or you can assemble a giant picture or video that uses multiple monitors to make up a picture or video that encompasses all the screens.

    All you need is PowerPoint, a moderately powerful Windows computer with a good quality video graphics card, your televisions, and Dynamic Wall to deliver it.

  • dynamic weather icon

    Dynamic WEATHER Software


    Everyone wants to know what the weather will be doing today. Weather affects how we dress and what activities we choose for the day. Even a lot of our conversations revolve around weather. We OBSESS about the weather.

    By providing live weather information on your digital signage or information screens, you are guaranteed to draw the eye of your customers, the public and your employees. Adding weather to your digital signage or information screens is a very well-known trick to get more people to look at your promotions.

    Add your city to the list and Dynamic Weather will get the current weather conditions and forecasts of the next coming days so that you can display it in real-time on your PowerPoint slides.

    Show current temperature or condition as plain text in a text box shape. Or use weather icons to express the condition (rain, sun, thunderstorm, …).

    Add the number of licenses you desire to the grey number box and click on Add to Cart.

  • Full HD Weather Expansion Pack


    Royalty-free full HD weather animated images. This 200 MB file contains full HD weather icons that can be used as full-screen weather backgrounds on your slides. It can be used in combination with DataPoint’s normal weather data provider. When your city has a weather forecast of rain, then you have a full HD animated rainy weather image background. When the forecast or current weather condition changes, the full HD weather animation on your screen is changed accordingly. Very attractive weather images for your real-time weather channel or digital signage project.

    Requires our DataPoint or Dynamic Weather add-on. One-time license to serve all your DataPoint and Dynamic Weather installations.

  • iPoint icon

    iPoint Player


    iPoint turns any TV monitor or computer screen into digital signage. Buy an iPoint player license for each computer screen or television that you want to use for your advertising and information. Create a playlist with audio, presentations, images, and movies and schedule when and where it should be displayed on the screens.

    Show different playlists on different screens depending on location. Have special playlists or messages come up based on time of day, holidays, birthday wishes, special events or any other type of time-based content.

    iPoint consists of 3 components:

    • This player license or component.
    • The server component that you install on an existing file server (like e.g. Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint), or on one of the player machines that you are using.
    • A scheduler component that you use e.g. on your computer to create playlists, schedule playlists and monitor your system. One scheduler license you get for free from us to get your iPoint system up and running. Optionally you can buy more scheduler licenses for your colleagues.

    This player license also gives you the right to use DataPoint runtime edition. So you can create data-driven presentations with our DataPoint Standard edition on your computer, and then schedule these presentations for playback on your screens. A must for real-time data screens without updating your presentations.

  • iPoint icon

    iPoint Scheduler


    You get one free Scheduler license automatically when you buy your first player license. When needed, you can get more scheduler licenses if you have colleagues that need to create and assign playlists or maybe just want to monitor your digital signage environment from additional computers.

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