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  • You get free support
  • And free bug fixes because we don’t like problems
  • Get discount when buying multiple licenses together

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CounterPoint DataPoint iPoint MessagePoint NewsPoint OutlookPoint TickerPoint VideoPoint

Queue Management Software

Professional Waiting Queue Management System for your waiting areas and counters

Dynamic Presentations

Dynamic notice boards or information screens. Or advanced PowerPoint reporting automation tool.

Digital Signage Software

You decide when what where is displayed with this advanced digital signage system

PowerPoint Screen Saver

Communicate faster in your company from your desktop

Data Collector

Collect data like news, weather, stock quotes, Google calendar. Replicate databases. Grab images of web sites.

Outlook As Content Management System

Easy maintenance of the data of your information screens via Microsoft Outlook

News Banner For PowerPoint

Run a smooth news banner or news ticker on your information screen

Webcams and IP Cameras in PowerPoint

Display the output of webcams and (security) IP Cameras on your Slides with Text or Image Overlay.

Download Free PowerPoint Templates - 237 slides in total

Download Free PowerPoint Templates - 237 slides in total

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