Food and Beverage

If you own a restaurant, concession, brewery, bakery, or butcher shop, DataPoint will simplify your signage, allowing for easy updates to products, prices, and more. Use CounterPoint to create queue management systems to better serve your customers.

Real-Time Data Digital Displays

Use PowerPoint to create digital displays in your restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, breweries, deli counters and more.
Connect your displays to DataPoint to easily update menu items.
Integrate CounterPoint for an interactive digital queue display.

Multiscreen Menu Displays

Share your entire menu using multiscreen digital menu boards.

Product Promotions

Display special menu items, combos, and seasonal promotions.

restaurant digital signage
menu accuracy

Queue Management

Mange waiting queues by connecting a Bluetooth button to your live PowerPoint Presentations to show which customers are being served.
You can display your company name and logo, opening hours, adverts, promotions, announcements etc. People take a number when they come in, and will be entertained by a nice presentation or infotainment system.

Featured Industries

Fast Food

Display digital menus, schedule time of day or seasonal signage.


DIsplay easy to update menu boards with daily available products.


Share menu items and combos with customers.

Deli Counters

Create beautiful digital displays with product information and incorporate your queue.

Bars and Pubs

Connect digital signage to your product database to display real-time availability of beers on tap.


Easily share daily specials with auto-updating digital signage.

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digital signage screens at coffee shop


Read more in our articles and case studies about how our customers use PresentationPoint products in their food and beverage businesses.

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