Financial Sector

DataPoint is the must-have tool for all financial institutions and organizations.
Incorporate real-time data including currency exchange rates, stock market tickers, mortgage rates, and more into any type of report you need.
Automate your client report preparation.
Create engaging welcome and waiting room displays.

KPI Reporting

Use DataPoint to share real-time KPI data, including growth in revenue, net profit margin, gross profit margin, operational cash flow, current accounts receivables, inventory turnover, EBITDA.

Individualized Client Reporting

Create data connections and incorporate customer information with real-time data.
Automate your customer reporting process.

Real-Time Data

Incorporate real-time data into your presentations.
Include currency exchange rates, stock market tickers, mortgage rates and more.

accurate business data

Financial Reports

Use DataPoint to extract and consolidate financial data from multiple sources including Business Intelligence (BI) Systems, accounting programs, spreadsheets and other databases.

Featured Industries


Track revenue, expenses, operating profit and more.
Display real-time loan, mortgage and interest rates.

Financial Planning

Create data connections to your data sources for financial health reporting, profit analysis, budgeting and more.

Mortgage Brokers

Create customized client reports with live mortgage rate information.


Using DataPoint, share KPIs in reports to track rates, referrals, customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Stock Brokers

Incorporate live stock ticker data into reports and presentations.


Display KPI information for expenditures, dividends, accounts receivable, cash flow, and more.

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Read more in our articles and case studies about how customers use DataPoint in their financial workplaces. Find tips and tricks for incorporating DataPoint into your reports and presentations.

Crypto Dashboard using PowerPoint

Crypto Dashboard using PowerPoint

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Live Crude Oil Price Dashboard in PowerPoint

Live Crude Oil Price Dashboard in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Navigation for Client Presentations

PowerPoint Navigation for Client Presentations

PowerPoint navigation is an underutilized feature. You can use navigation to create interactive presentations, kiosk presentations, directories and much more. Let's explore how to use PowerPoint navigation to create a self-guided client presentations that your clients...

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