Tell us how you use our softwareWe write about a lot of cool stuff here. But do you want to know what is REALLY amazing to us?

How creative our customers are!

We craft our software and then our customers use it in ways we hadn’t thought of.

Now we want YOU to send us YOUR pictures, videos or descriptions of how you are using any of our PowerPoint add-ons so we can share them with others.

Here are some examples from our customers as to how they use our software.

  1. Waynesville Church of Christ in Waynesville, Ohio in the US uses DataPoint to update their church digital signage for the day’s songs and participants for the service. This lets them easily incorporate last minute changes in their program.
  2. Idaho Department of Health and Welfare uses iPoint in some of their lobbies and waiting rooms throughout the state of Idaho to provide useful heath information along with service and other information.
  3. Lokaal 7 Radio Station in Eindhoven, Netherlands uses Dynamic Elements to live stream weather, web cams and other content from their radio studio online.
  4. Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club uses DataPoint, NewsPoint and iPoint to nearly completely automate their employee announcements and communications and to manage their digital signage.
  5. Lundins, a manufacturing company in Sweden, uses DataPoint to create their own manufacturing KPI dashboard to monitor key performance indicators on the factory floor while they produce 900 million grocery bags annually for their Scandinavian and European customers.

Many of our software features were developed from customer suggestions or needs or comments like “It would be really cool if it could do this…” Here are some examples of features we added after suggestions by our customers.

  1. notification sound on update – a suggestion by a client to let people know when data on the screen has been updated
  2. text to speech – reads aloud data updates on a PowerPoint slide. This feature was requested by customer and released 2 weeks after their request
  3. color formatting – lets you change colors on your signage based on data rules you set. For example, the screen could flash red when a key indicator is too high or low

We’d love to add to these stories or feature suggestions. Please share with us how you are using any of our software, whether it is DataPoint, iPoint, Dynamic Elements MessagePoint or any of our other PowerPoint add-ons. If possible, also share pictures or videos of your setup. Please send them via email to We can’t wait to see what you are doing!


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