St Patrick’s Day is coming in March and soon we will be seeing a flood of people wearing green ties, hats and other clothing to celebrate Irish tradition. Now you can add a little luck of the Irish to your own workplace using these free St Patrick’s Day PowerPoint Templates.

St Patricks Day PowerPoint Templates - green beer

These St Patrick’s Day PowerPoint templates can be used for:

  • digital menu boards
  • holiday digital signage
  • PowerPoint screen savers
  • PowerPoint presentations

The St Patrick’s Day PowerPoint templates include:

  • shamrocks
  • green beer
  • leprechauns
  • lots of green
  • and, of course, pots of gold

You can use the templates as is or connect them to data sources using our PowerPoint add-on software.

St Patrick’s Day started out as a religious festival but, like Christmas, has grown beyond it’s religious beginnings to expand to the celebration of all things Irish. While it is technically an Irish public holiday, it is celebrated by many Irish and non-Irish people around the world.

The day is celebrated not only in former Commonwealth countries like Canada, but also in the US, Europe, Russia, Asia and the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean. It has even been celebrated on the International Space Station with performances in space with a tin whistle and a rendition of “Danny Boy” in orbit.

Here are some other ways you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day:

  1. Wear green
  2. Offer traditional Irish foods like Irish coffee, Irish stew, Irish potato soup, bacon and cabbage, boxty, champ and others
  3. Play Irish music
  4. Drink Guinness
  5. Sing “Danny Boy”
  6. Watch or join a parade
  7. Decorate your work place in green

If you use one of our St Patrick’s Day PowerPoint templates, send us a picture of it in your workplace or facility so we can see how you use it.

Have a suggested template you would like to see us develop or need help setting up the right system for you? Please contact us.


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