Residents at Brightside Manor Care Home in Cardiff, Wales are reaping the benefits of the capabilities of dynamic presentation offered by PresentationPoint software. The care home manager, Linda Hermance said, “Invariably all television content in the lounges are controlled by our female residents who want to see their favourite programmes which left the men to content with newspapers and in-house library”. The challenge was to come up with a solution that was trouble free, does not take up additional room and need minimum intervention.

After extensive research, Brightside Manor settled on dynamic PowerPoint presentation using Datapoint thus bringing up to the minute news and views to all those who wanted more than just watching movies or their soap opera on TV. So we came up with a display TV screen strategically located with PowerPoint 2010 slide shows. The presentation content now includes real-time flash clock, RSS News feeds (Sky News international and BBC local news), dynamic weather and internal message board displaying daily menus, resident announcements (e.g. birthdays) and details of events , daily activities and photographs. We currently use DataPoint, PlanPoint and Dynamic Elements. All we needed was a large LCD TV with HDMI port, small form factor PC, PresentationPoint software and some imagination.

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