Real-time weather information can be shown with the DataPoint and Dynamic Weather PowerPoint add-ons. Those add-ons connect to a given weather API to retrieve the current weather condition and the conditions for the next couple of days. The condition is typically returned as a number, code or text string. For example the Yahoo weather API is returning a number 32 for sunny weather conditions, and the number 16 for snow.

When we open the presentation of a recent weather article, and we open the weather settings, then we see that we can choose from 2 default weather icon sets that are installed with our add-on.

weather connection set up

For the Yahoo Weather API, we have 2 default weather icon sets. A white and a black variant of all the possible weather types that are defined and supported by Yahoo.

path and filename to the weather icon

As you can see on the image, the current weather text is cloudy, which responds to the number 26. The path C:\Program Files (x86)\PresentationPoint\DataPoint Standard edition\weather icons\1\icon set 1\26.png points to a given map that is installed with DataPoint or Dynamic Weather. Important here is that you note the path to that map. So here, remember C:\Program Files (x86)\PresentationPoint\DataPoint Standard edition\weather icons\1\.

Here are the possible paths of our weather add-ons;

  • DataPoint add-on and Yahoo Weather API: C:\Program Files (x86)\PresentationPoint\DataPoint Standard edition\weather icons\1\
  • DataPoint add-on and Dark Sky API (formerly C:\Program Files (x86)\PresentationPoint\DataPoint Standard edition\weather icons\2\
  • Dynamic Weather add-on: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dynamic Elements\Dynamic WEATHER\weather icons\

When you open that map, you will see the default folders, named icon set 1 and icon set 2.

default weather icon sets

The folder icon set 1 contains all possible weather icons in white. Icon set 2 contains the black variant.

You can add a new folder here, named icon set 3 or maybe my custom set and add your own custom images to this new folder.

custom folder added

And with these new images.

custom weather set content

When you open the weather properties again in DataPoint or Dynamic Weather, then, you will see that your new folder is now on the list of the available icon sets. You can start using your own custom weather icons now.

custom set visible in add-on
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