A digital signage planning tool allows you to create and schedule playlists. A playlist is a list of multimedia files that you want to play together on your digital signage screens in your school, office or factory. In this article, we will show you how to set digital signage software playlist priorities to better manage your playlists.

For some general information on PowerPoint digital signage playlists, see this earlier article.

With our iPoint solution, you can assign a playlist with a normal priority. For example this week’s promotions. We plan to play back this playlist called advertising with the normal Medium priority for one week.

digital signage software playlist priority assignment

When you click the OK button to commit this playlist assignment, then you will see a green bar for this allocation on the player’s playlist assignments or agenda.  The playlist assignment is drawn as a bar that represents the full allocation period.  The bar is green because iPoint is using the green color for all medium playlist assignments.

digital signage playlist overview

Add a new playlist and assign it with a higher priority. Choose to display this playlist for one day or for tomorrow with a higher priority. In the priority combo box, select the Highest option from the list.

create a playlist exception with a higher priority

In the digital signage software playlist assignments overview or agenda, you will now see a red bar for this new and more urgent playlist assignment.  For the next day only, this new playlist assignment, with the highest priority, will be shown on our digital signage screen, in the next whole day.. The day after the next day will play the normal green playlist again.

playlist assignments overruled with an exception

iPoint is using 5 levels of priorities;

  • Highest
  • Higher
  • Medium
  • Lower
  • Lowest

Typically we assign digital signage software playlists with the default Medium priority. If we have something overruling the normal playlist, then we use the Higher or Highest priority. As a fallback playlist, we advise to always have a playlist with maybe your company logo and set that playlist assignment to the Lowest priority so that you always have a playlist scheduled for your digital signage monitor.

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