Automatically starts your presentations on computer monitors and television screens











Microsoft PowerPoint Format

You just edit your presentation

Scan For Updates

ShowPoint will start and look for updates


Free software for your information screens

Remote Slide Show

Run a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on a computer from remote.


Automatic Starting

ShowPoint will start the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or slide show automatically by code.

Scan for updates

ShowPoint will monitor the base presentation for updates while the slide show is running. In the event of an update ShowPoint will copy and restart the presentation.

Set up an information screen in your company, factory or school. Display news, messages, announcements, safety instructions, new employees and much more.

Use a computer with a television screen and put this screen at a high visible location where most people are passing by every day. Ideal places are the entrance of a building or the coffee corner.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint to design the presentation. Set up different slides for each type of communication. Save this presentation on a network share and use ShowPoint to start this presentation automatically.

ShowPoint can start automatically when your computer starts
Set the desired options to run your slide shows
ShowPoint will start the latest presentation as a slide show
It will play the presentation continuously in full screen mode
Open the presentation and make some modifications
ShowPoint will detect a modification of the presentation and restart it

What it can do for you



Monitors a folder for the last presentation to display. Typically this folder resides on a file server or shared folder.


Copies the presentation for local playback.


Starts the presentation or slide show automatically.



Monitors the base presentation for updates. Restarts the presentation in case of an update.

Auto-start after boot

ShowPoint can be started automatically when your computer is started.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 or Microsoft PowerPoint viewer

When using the free Viewer, make sure that you apply this service pack.

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