Slide Scheduling

Specify when a slide should be shown in a running slide show







Promote breakfast

at morning hours only

And other meals later on

Targeted messages based on the time of the day


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Slide Scheduling

Specify the time at which is a slide is visible or not during your slide show.


Automatic Hiding

Show your breakfast menu in the morning from 09:00 till 11:00 only.

Continue To Run

Use the slide scheduling features of PlanPoint instead of interrupting the running slide show and modifying the slides and content.

You use a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to promote your products and services, or for advertising in your office, restaurant or hotel.

Most slides can be visible all time of the day but sometimes you want to give information for a limited duration or a specific time frame of the day. For example you show your breakfast menu in the morning and around 11:00 you switch to the slide displaying the lunch menu and options.

With PlanPoint you can set when a slide should be visible or hidden in a running slide show.

Just open a normal Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
Open the PlanPoint menu from the PowerPoint menu
Specify when the slide should be visible
Now just start the slide show
PlanPoint shows or hides a slide based on the timing settings

What it can do for you


Start a presentation with all possible slides to you might want to display in time.

Date range

Set a data range when the slide should be visible in the slide show.


Time range

Set a time range within the day or use it 24 hours.


Days of the week

Specify the days of the week on which the slide should be visible.


Show or Hide

Based on your settings, PlanPoint will show or hide a given slide during the slide show playback.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016

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