Advanced Dynamic Presentations

Make your PowerPoint presentation dynamic by linking to database content

Information Screen

Build your own message board with messages, announcements, online data

Always Latest Information

During a slide show your data get updated continuously

Advanced Reporting System

Use PowerPoint presentation for your automated statistics. Never a typing error or miscalculation.

Change the data in your database

not your presentation

Real-Time Shapes

Establish connections to all kinds of data sources and display this information on your slides.

Notice Boards

Run a notice board on a television screen and show a dynamic presentation with real-time messaging, announcements, instructions, news and much more.

Automated Reporting

Excel and databases are great to store data and to perform calculations. PowerPoint is made for presentations. Use PowerPoint to present your data in daily of weekly statistics. Always up-to-date and generation can be completely automated.

Look around and you will see information screens everywhere. At train stations, schools, pubs, shops, factories, exhibition halls, police stations and much more.

The information on those screen is mostly dynamic and time based. Updating the messages on it can be a real job. You can run this smart with enhanced presentation software like DataPoint.

Set and control DataPoint properties from here
Type of connections that you can connect to
Click a provider type and add your connection
Log on to your database or specify what RSS feed you can to read from
Data preview to verify the results
Click the PowerPoint shape that will display your real-time information
Set your DataPoint properties; which connection, field to link etc
Preview your live data in your presentation or slide design
Now run your slide show and DataPoint will update continuously the content of your data source

What it can do for you


Connect your presentation to an external data source like a database, XML file, RSS feed and many more.


Link your text box, table, chart, tachymeter or gauge to this data source to display real time information.


Displaying always the latest information in your presentation.

Data scrolling

Use data scrolling feature when you have more data than fits on one page.


Enhanced rules and conditions to emphasize your information.


Create snapshot presentations with disconnected data sources.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016

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