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Handy apps for Microsoft PowerPoint to create dynamic slide shows

Dynamic ELEMENTS: the Swiss army knife for extra PowerPoint functionality

Add a real-time clock, calendar, counter or countdown to your slides. Add news and weather information. Create your own background music station for your information screen. Or invite people to like your Facebook page...

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Dynamic presentations

DataPoint dynamic PowerPoint presentations

Use DataPoint as Microsoft PowerPoint add-in to create dynamic and up-to-date presentations. Change the data in your database, not your presentations!

Generate snapshot presentations with the latest information; ideal for product catalogues, statistics and reporting. Regenerate a presentation with one click only.

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Digital signage

PowerPoint digital signage

Create a play list with multimedia files like images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and video files.

Schedule this play list for playback on a player computer. The remote computer will automatically receive the files and starts playing the play list. You see live thumbnails of what is displayed on the remote computers.

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PowerPoint screen saver

Screen saver for Microsoft PowerPoint

Use a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation directly as a screen saver. No need to convert your presentation into screen saver format, or to export all slides to individual images.

Communicate with colleagues, impress customers, motivate personnel. Run your own television station from your computer.

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News collector

News collector for displaying real-time news in PowerPoint presentations

Collects real-time information from various news sources like RSS feeds, weather information, stock quotes and much more.

Use DataPoint, iPoint or TickerPoint to display this information in real-time on your computer.

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Data via Outlook

Collect information from Microsoft Outlook for displaying

Collect and display information from an Outlook mailbox on your computer. The advantage is that you don't have to build and learn a new data-entry application for your content. A secretary can maintain the messages in a normal Outlook calendar, or you just display the mail subjects that were sent to a specific mail address.

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News banner

Real-time news ticker for PowerPoint

Display live news and information in the form of a news ticker or news banner in your PowerPoint presentation.

Enrich your running slideshow with real-time information to get more attention to your presentation content.

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Slide scheduling

Schedule when a slide in a PowerPoint slideshow is shown

Show or hide slides in a running Microsoft PowerPoint slide show, based on your timing information. There is no need to stop and update your running presentation. Just define per slide when it should be visible.

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Remote control

Start a PowerPoint slide show on a remote computer

Automatic starting of a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow on a remote computer.

Update the base presentation with new content and the remote computer will pick up the new modifications.

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