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We Automate Presenting

Tools for you to automate presenting, on a live television or computer screen or in personalized reports.

Software Overview

Automated Content

You will always have the latest information in your presentations. Open your presentation and the latest content is automatically updated, even within slide show mode.

Learn How To Automate

Control Time & Location Of Messages For Maximum Impact

Create playlists and specify when and where they are started automatically and from remote location. Ideal for advertising and communicating in a company.

Digital Signage

Works With Any Size Screen or Projector

Can be used on computer screens, televisions and video walls.

Learn How

Do More With PowerPoint With Our Powerful Add-ons

Give the world’s leading presentation tool added functionality with data, news, weather, time and digital signage add-ons.

Our Presentation Tools

Digital Signage

Create a playlist of multimedia files and set up when and where they should be displayed. Automatic distribution over network and internet.

Dynamic Presentations

Run a notice board on a television screen and show a dynamic presentation with real-time messaging, announcements, instructions, news and much more.

Personalized Presentations

Schedule and automate the creation of personalized presentation like mail merging functionality. Generate customized presentations in batch.

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Display MySQL Data in PowerPoint

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New feature: Sort data locally in PowerPoint

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Generate Personalized PowerPoint Documents

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Traffic Lights as Dynamic Semaphores

Semaphores are visual signals and are a clear and direct impression of your situation. In Excel and your database you keep your raw numbers but when you present data to your audience then you don’t use that raw data at all. When a number like 82 is climbing to... read more

At Booking.com we recently used DataPoint to merge existing reporting data to create and distribute personalized reporting to +1100 of our managers.

Savka Gajic

L&T Program Manager, Booking.com

Awesome product by the way. All this time and no one else can even come close to what you’re doing over there.

Jason Brentlinger

Production Manager, Bartha

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